Thanks for showing an interest in our affiliate program! The information below provides an overview of the registration process and things to expect.

Registration Process

Registration is not approved instantaneously when registering. All affiliates must be manually approved, and are only approved once required information is submitted per the instructions outlined below.

To be considered, submit:

  • your full name
  • your website url
  • your social media accounts
  • your paypal email address to accept payments
  • a summary of how you plan to promote our e-courses

REGISTER by clicking here.

Once you have been approved, you will be able to generate an affiliate link for one or all of our courses. Affiliate sales that you make are tracked and recorded in Teachable, and you will receive an email when you have made a sale through our affiliate link.

Note: Although we do not require you to purchase materials prior to being approved, it helps to have previewed what we offer first in order to give any insight to your audience. Feel free to try one of our products for 30 days for $1 by clicking here.

Guidelines for Promoting Products

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there are certain guidelines you are required to follow when promoting products.

You are not allowed to link Pinterest pins directly to your affiliate links. You can write a review about the product and then use the link within Pinterest. When writing reviews, you must make it clear that you are receiving affiliate commissions for the product(s) your are promoting.

You are not allowed to create content that falsely represents yourself in conjunction with our products, or anything that misrepresents us.


You will receive 40% commission from each purchase. These do not include purchases made by you. Affiliates will be paid out once a month through Teachable. All sales are held for 30 days before a commission is paid. In order to receive payment, you are solely responsible for proving your PayPal information within Teachable once registering.